Frequently Asked Questions


What is your pricing?

On average couple spend $3,000.  Look, weddings add up and get expensive fast. I get it. If you are worried my pricing isn't going to work for your budget but you love my work please just message me anyway.  I can't always make it work but if I feel like we are a great fit there is definitely room for flexibly.  

Do you travel for weddings? 

Yasssss. I want to shoot weddings everywhere. 

What does it take to reserve a wedding date?

First, we have to figure out if we like each other. Then comes legal contract stuff and a nonrefundable deposit.

How many photos will we actually get?

 I don't set a maximum. I give you all the good images! Ranges from 600-1000

When do I get my photos?

I do my best to get wedding photos delivered to you as fast as possible, which can take 6 weeks.  I am not one of these nightmare photographers who say 6 weeks and then 12 weeks go by and you are still waiting. Don't worry! That will not happen.

Can I get prints?

Yes! Print out images from your gallery. I REALLY want you to! I worked hard on those and don't want them living forever on your computer.  The easiest way to get prints is to order directly from your online gallery. 

What about elopements?

I love elopements!  Message me and tell me where your eloping and what your looking for.